Dragon Nest SEA Relaunch Back By Eyedentity Games

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Dragon Nest SEA Relaunch Back By Eyedentity Games first Thursday of September 2017. Eyedentity Games has announced that they have taken over SEA publication roles for Dragon Nest. One year after successful relaunching Dragon Nest North America by its own creator, they decided to move on to the next level by extending their publishing scope to the vast East Asia.

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While Cherry Credit (Former SEA Publisher) and Eyedentity Games have furnished Users Transfer Service working together, there were some surprise appearances from new project manager, Tasha who officially announced her first live game streaming broadcast schedule which will invite all twitch TV viewers at the launching day, 7th Sept. 2017.

Not only project manager’s game streaming opportunity, Eyedentity games will unfold various new gaming experience such as new level cap, new class, new raid and unexpected changes on farming contents. According to the team, this greatly expands players’ opportunities to gear up and refine what they have and what they will have as servers open.

If you are a Dragon Nest SEA user or if you are interested in a different gaming experience served directly by its creators, you will be definitely wanting to check their official tease site where you can see visually striking images, messages stimulating your sensitivity which is enough to fill your hungers on action-driven RPG.

Eyedentity Games’ new project manager, Tasha said “As a 6-year Dragon Nest hard-core player, I am really honored to be a front woman of this game service. We, Eyedentity Games, all are preparing the moment of opening door to bring our South East Asian adventurer to the largest single release of history of Dragon Nest SEA service.”.

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