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How To Play Mobile Legends in Rank to Win Continuously

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Playing the Mobile Legends game is exciting. But…  How To Play Mobile Legends in Rank to Win Continuously? Because we can choose dozens of Heroes freely while playing together with friends to defeat the opposing team. If you win continuously, you can easily rise to a higher ranking.

Talking about Mobile Legends ranking, has tips on Mobile Legends that you can apply according to your current ranking. Guaranteed to quickly rise in rank!

How to Play Mobile Legends according to Rank

Until now there are 6 levels of ranking in Mobile Legends, namely Warrior, Elite, Master, GrandMaster, Epic, and Legend. Each level describes the level of difficulty and the ability of each player, the higher the better.

Do you want to quickly get ranked in Mobile Legends, from Warrior to Grand Master or even to Legends? If so, try to follow the Mobile Legends tips according to the following rank:

1. Warrior – Elite: Expert Use Hero Layla

How To Play Mobile Legends in Rank

Behind the sweetness of Layla, she was specifically designed to accompany new players. Don’t hesitate to play Layla in a ranked match if it’s still Warrior or Elite. Because Layla is a hero of Marksman with skills that can provide great damage. But remember, always keep your distance!

In the Warrior to Elite ranking, focus on destroying the middle turret first with teammates. Act as a pusher. Don’t forget to buy recommended items so that your skills are more deadly.

2. Master: Focus Destroy 1 Turret at 1 Lane

mobile legend turret cover

Once you rise in the Master rank, you must start dividing the roles of each Hero. Keep the top, middle and bottom turrets with the appropriate Hero. Focus on pressing and destroying 1 opponent’s turret in each lane. Once 1 turret is destroyed, immediately help your teammate to destroy the turret in another lane. Then push together.

3. Grand Master: Set Opportunities

mobile legend fight trick win

Instead of focusing on attacking the turret, you must endure keeping the turret from being destroyed. Even though 1 to 2 though, keep up with your spam skills. Don’t let the turret break.

Once your friend has trouble in one lane, help him drive the enemy away. It’s better if you can kill the enemy, then push the turret together. If not, return to focus on guarding the lane until the opportunity to attack.

4. Epic – Legends: We Need a Tank!

mobile legend tank hero can win

At this highest level, you really have to master the Tank hero. Why? Because your teammates usually don’t want to use tanks, even though he plays an important role in resisting enemy attacks while protecting the tower.

Now, that’s how to play Mobile Legends according to each rank. Hopefully, these Mobile Legends tips are useful and can help you to rank quickly!



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