Vainglory Leading MOBA Games on Mobile

Vainglory 5V5 Sovereign’s Rise Leading MOBA Games on Mobile

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Vainglory Leading MOBA Games on Mobile. This is the main MOBA on mobile now, precisely because there is a ton of funds behind the developers, and the team’s commitment to continuously update the game. Because of the huge hype the launch back to 2014 and eventually release games, Android has seen some new characters, features tweaked and added.

Vainglory MOBA Games on Mobile

That’s pretty much the leader of MOBA on the cell phone, and a Super Evil Megacorp has put a ton of work to keep it that way. There are still many MOBA-like experiences, but definitely walked the line between simple MOBA-game. This game and inspired and full of PCS such as the League of legends. Namely, the game features match 3-on-3 fighters and 30 minutes. Indeed, it is a long time to play the game of mobile, portability and it hurts, but it’s not like people didn’t have a tablet or smart devices using them at home.

What is very interesting in the end is that the team added in the mode of Battle Royale that centers around the short match 7-10 minutes. They should not be a serious competition that matches the scene eSports vanity had centered around but still features that might have some use for casual players who tried to get into the game.

The growth of this Vainglory could be the key to the role of mobile in the future of eSports, and constant feature updates and new characters are a big part of it.


And if you want to watch people play Vainglory, there are plenty of ways to do that. Super Evil Megacorp themselves run several global tournaments. And players from top-tier professionals regularly stream the game on streaming services. Twitch has a big relationship with Vainglory, regularly demoing the game at events like PAX.

While the game still isn’t a huge money-maker yet, it has one of the most serious competitive scenes around it. Anyone looking to play MOBAs on mobile needs to try this out.

7 Tips to play a new Game Mode Vainglory 5V5 Sovereign’s Rise

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Vainglory 5V5 game mode is real and totally new. Have a different taste with 5V5 mode on the Arena of Valor or Mobile Legends.

In addition to being able to enjoy the more outrageous graphics, Vainglory is also proud to have more complex gameplay. Now on version 3.0 Vainglory updates later, which will be rolled out in February, it will open a 5V5 game modes for all players.

Currently, only the players who got a golden ticket that can already play the earlier Rise Sovereign’s folder. Following a number of tips on playing a 5V5 game mode, you can apply Vainglory later on.

1. Changes in the composition of the Hero

There are currently 37 heroes at the Vainglory that is divided into five types, namely assassin, mage, protector, sniper, and warrior. Each hero is still grouped based on role i.e., jungle, lane, and roaming. Yes, quite unlike the AOV and ML.

In this mode the 5V5 we will play on the three-lane, i.e. top lane, mid lane, and the bottom line. So it’s not just the composition type hero that must be observed, but also the role of the hero.

2. Remember to Buy Items

Unlike the AOV and ML, so the gold accumulated time of the match, you can directly buy the needed items wherever located.

Vainglory is not so, you have to buy it at the store. In addition to the headquarters, you can also buy items on two jungle shop which is located in the central part of the folder in the right bottom and sides.

3. Control System

Vainglory uses “full touch control” or tap system as a substitute for the mouse cursor clicks such as MOBA in the PC. Not the virtual analog d-pad like the one at AOV and ML.

What you should know is the ability of the control is already improved, to move the hero not only can do tap, but also hold and slide in the direction you want to help move quickly.

4. Scout Camera

5V5 Vainglory mode provided fog of war, as the name implies the arena will be shrouded by the fog of war and will be bright if you walk up to the point of being redirected.

Although visually indulges, but our vision so visibility is limited. Here you have to be clever-clever use scout cam that will help you increase visibility.

5. Free Camera

When you enable it, you can freely shift the camera to look around the area while you are moving your hero. Yes, like game MOBA on the PC.

You can pan the camera wherever you want, without having to tap and hold mini folders. It’s helpful to read the circumstances, so you can make decisions quickly and accurately.

6. Master Asset and Supply

Yes, there should be a hero with the role of the jungle and roam on duty for farming in monster camps to get the gold.

Other tasks include jungle attack monster enemy camps and also the ganking line enemies that he so unable to farm.

7. Get Ghostwing and Blackclaw

Ghostwing will be awakened in the 8th minute, so prepare your team for captive and your team will get a buff who could use a push and a team fight.

Meanwhile, the replacement of which is Blackclaw Kraken and when your team defeated him appeared in the 13th minute. It will help your team destroyed the turret, and change the flow of the game. Both will respawn 180 seconds after they conquered.

The tips play 5V5 game mode, Vainglory is currently not available in the mode of the ranked match and is available only in casual mode and solo bot. The latter, you should also be diligently watching the game mode of the players pro 5V5 Vainglory.


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